Product R&D

10 years + industry R&D

Own production plant

Continuous capital investment and expansion of R&D talents to ensure we achieve tech leadership in the industry.

Insist on independent R&D in all phase and provide efficient solutions.

Scientific R&D management process, implementation of high international standards, to ensure the most reliable products.

Complete and mature production testing process and testing laboratory

Products Planning

Products Testing

APP Development

Firmware Development

Algorithm Development

Hardware Development

Mechanism Design

Industry Design

10% of the Annual Revenue

Whole Process Quality Assurance

Downgrade - Direct Scrap - Rework or Repair

Software and hardware solutions

In appearance design, internal structure design, software development, product assembly and quality all are controlled

PCBA Development

Circuit Board Fabrication and Placement Non-performing rate control specification

Product Structure Design

MD structure size definition Board
size standard

Watch Interface Design

Various design styles
keep trying new styles

solfware and hardware solutions

Software Design

Product function development
Intelligent algorithm development.

APP Development

APP software design
interface design

PCB Design

Component selection and completion
Circuit board design drawing output

Independent R&D Algorithms

Independent research and development of core algorithms based on acceleration sensors and ECG sensors.

A powerful algorithm team independently develops algorithms for step counting, heart rate, sleep, calories, distance, and swimming.

The accuracy of monitoring data is aligned with industry benchmark companies, leading the industry.

The industry’s first batch of wristband manufacturers with heart rate solutions.

Step Counting Algorithm

Independent research and development, unique filter and anti-jamming step counting algorithm, accuracy>95%

Heart Rate Algorithm

High-configuration sensors and chip hardware, combined with language developed multiple algorithms, recognize more complex scenes.

Sleep algorithm

The high-precision sensor cooperates with the sleep algorithm to automatically identify the sleep state (deep sleep, light sleep, etc.) .

Multi-Sport Mode algorithm

Industrial-grade 24-hour ultra-low power consumption, medical-grade dynamic heart rate algorithm, ultra-precise resting and dynamic heart rate tracking.

Product ID&UI Design

HuaDai firmly believes that innovation is the soul of enterprise development.

It invests 10% of sales every year as R&D funds (high-end talents, cutting-edge technology, product experience).

We have about 250+ R&D technical experts and engineers, mainly distributed in R&D and design departments.



Compact UI design

Minimalist UI design

Fresh and simple UI interface design, data and page presentation are clear at a glance

Professional Firmware Team

Professional firmware team

Modify and upgrade the firmware according to customer needs by a team of professional engineers.

Reliable Function Development

Reliable functional design

More breakthrough innovative functions to provide users with better services.

Friendly Interaction

Friendly Interaction

Intelligent and user-friendly design concepts to create better user experience.

Design Flow

Project Management Mechanism

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